Music Therapy

Devoted Healthcare goes above and beyond in caring for the whole person. Providing music therapy to patients and their families is just one way that Devoted demonstrates a sincere desire to care for all the needs of our patients and families – not just physical needs but emotional, mental, spiritual, and psychological needs as well.
Our board-certified music therapist supports the patient’s unique plan of care by collaborating with the doctor, nurses, home health aides, chaplains, and social workers to address and further support patient goals and objectives. Music is unique in its ability to allow for communication with patients who are nonverbal, provide memory recall and life review, help manage pain, and develop coping skills for loss of independence, anxiety, depression, and all of the challenges of the hospice journey.
Devoted to be the best possible care for your loved one

Scope of Service

– 1-on-1 sessions with patients
– Music therapy sessions for patients and/or family members/caregivers
– Legacy work (video and audio recordings)
– Collaboration with interdisciplinary team
  resulting in a tailored plan to meet each
  patient’s unique needs and challenges

Music Therapy Goals in Hospice

– Increase interpersonal interaction/decrease social isolation
– Increase sensory simulation (singing, playing, instruments, movement)
– Decrease anxiety and depression
– Increase emotional and creative expression
– Effective pain management
– Provide coping skills due to loss of independence
– Improve quality of life  
– Provide life review/reminiscence and memory recall
– Discuss end-of-life issues/life closure